How to Disarm Your Home Security System

Nothing is quite as jolting as an alarm going off for seemingly no reason. When you’re home security system thinks it’s code red, and you think it came out of the blue – don’t panic. There are a lot of reasons why your alarm may go off – including things as simple as forgetting to punch in the code when you’re busy carrying in groceries.

Whatever the trigger, go to the nearest control panel and enter in the alarm code. This should – short of a major malfunction – stop the alarm.

Then wait by the phone. If you have a monitored alarm system, your security system company will call shortly to ensure that you, the resident, are the one who disarmed the alarm. They’ll ask for a different security code from the one you enter into your control panel. Make sure you and your family all have this memorized for such occasions.

If false alarms start to plague your life, take a look at potential triggers. Perhaps there’s a bird lands near a particular window? Maybe your dog triggers the alarm?

Sometimes something loud and rumbly like a garbage truck can cause windows and doors to vibrate enough to set off the security system. And in many instances, if you have planes that fly overhead – particularly military planes – they can set off alarm systems.

Once you figure it out, you may discover that it’s a good idea to disarm certain features of your security system. Your main control panel should have a setting menu which allows you to enable and disarm various parts of your home’s security features.

Depending on the system, you can disarm just windows, one floor or another, certain doors or the smoke alarm. Usually smoke alarm deactivation is reserved only for situations where you’re waiting for smoke to clear after a burned dinner.

If you absolutely need to, your control panel should have a setting to disarm and turn off the entire alarm system.

Of course, before you take the steps to disarm your entire alarm, be sure to discuss it with your security system provider. Quality home security systems companies like GE Home Security ( are there to help you make your system work right for you. It may be better to diagnose any problems or glitches which cause false alarms. Getting professional troubleshooter involved is always a good idea.

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