ADT Security Services Review
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Available Benefits
  • Get up to $1,300 in Free Equipment
  • Remote Control System Access
  • Redundancy Safeguards
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Home Automation – Locks, Climate & Lights
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • DIY Installation
Monitoring Services
  • Burglar and Intrusion
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Life Safety

ADT Security Services

With monitoring services starting at just $28.99/month, ADT has no problem offering robust security solutions at great value. Not only are the services affordable, ADT has prolific experience protecting American homes and businesses for over 100 years. That said, it should be of no surprise that the company has helped shape industry-leading standards in the process, including the introduction of ADT Pulse, which provides homeowners with the automation technology needed to control various features of their home from almost anywhere in the world. In a crowded market of home security, ADT stands tall as a seasoned provider offering top-tier solutions at affordable prices.


Potential customers should feel at ease knowing that even ADT’s basic security package outshines that of many competitors. Not only will you have access to industry-topping monitoring service, the basic plan comes equipped with 2 door/window sensors, an alarm sounder and a motion detector. For those looking for more advanced coverage, though, ADT’s premium plan incorporates carbon monoxide and flood monitoring, as well as fire monitoring equipment. As mentioned, there is also the option for full home automation offered through ADT Pulse. Customers looking for this option should check out the premier plan and begin taking advantage of the latest automation technology through ADT, including remote access and control over everything from your security system to your lights and thermostats.

Monitoring and Response

ADT doesn’t take any emergency for granted, made apparent by the nearly all-inclusive monitoring services the company offers. From fire to flood to carbon monoxide monitoring, ADT has you covered. The home automation and video surveillance services offered through ADT Pulse is simply a homeowner’s icing on the cake, given they’d be able to monitor features of their home even from across the world.

While many of these monitoring services will depend on what package you choose, every ADT customer can take advantage of the company’s nationwide monitoring coverage. Unlike many of its competitors, ADT’s monitoring centers are equipped with redundancy, meaning you won’t be left helpless in the event your alarm signal is compromised. The redundancy feature offers layered protection, which allows ADT to tend to signals both effectively and within seconds. Such quality service is realized through an increased effort on highly trained representatives who are there to ensure that your safety is ADT’s first priority. Furthermore, you can be sure that this service is available round the clock – so no matter when your emergency occurs, ADT is on the lookout 24/7.

The Good

Industry leading home automation service available through ADT Pulse

24/7 redundant monitoring puts customers’ needs first

The Bad

If you don’t already know what you’re looking for, ADT’s website could be a bit confusing

The Ugly