Vivint Security Review
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Available Benefits
  • Get up to $1,300 in Free Equipment
  • Remote Control System Access
  • Redundancy Safeguards
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Home Automation – Locks, Climate & Lights
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • DIY Installation
Monitoring Services
  • Burglar and Intrusion
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Life Safety

Vivint Security

Equally adept at home security and home automation, Vivint stands on the cutting edge of technology without losing sight of your personal feelings of comfort and security. Using Vivint’s amazing home automation, everything from automatic door locks to security cameras can be controlled from any computer; yet, these technological innovations don’t distract from the amazing home security features that are available from Vivint. With a totally wireless system that’s monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Vivint is always looking out for all the things that are most important to you. For a strong sense of security and convenience no matter where you are, Vivint might be your strongest choice.


Instead of just offering a few pieces of equipment, Vivint has some of the most intelligent and comprehensive features in all of its packages. In addition to standard features like window and door sensors, you’ll get unique tools like glass break sensors and keychain fob remotes. With an intelligent touch screen control panel, all of your home security information will be quite literally at your fingertips. As part of a standard package, you’ll also get some features that are premium services with other companies, such as carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. If you choose the home automation or energy management packages, you’ll get supplementary equipment for additional control over your home. Features like automatic locks or remote look-ins from cameras can add a new dimension to your home security.

What’s Available from Vivint

  • Touchscreen Control Panels
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Remote Control Keychain Fobs
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Automated Door Locks

Monitoring and Response

With traditional monitoring systems, your house will be vulnerable to attacks from experienced burglars, who can often disarm your system with simple tools like a hammer or wire clippers. Vivint has created a totally wireless system, which transmits its messages using a local cellphone tower. Even if intruders try to crash and smash your system, Vivint’s terminals are equipped with a tamper switch, which automatically alerts the company’s monitoring centers.

While some companies try to upsell you for mobile accessibility, Vivint’s entire business model is based off of it. You’ll be able to access your home security system from almost any web browser or mobile device to easily arm or disarm your system.

Vivint also offers impressive energy saving and home automation features, which can give you an amazing amount of control over your house. For energy management, you’ll get lighting and thermostat controls to help you minimize your impact on the planet. Home automation adds door lock and video surveillance control to give you even more control of your home’s protection.


For people trying to secure the life they’ve worked hard to build, a company like Vivint could possibly offer the greatest sense of security. Even when you’re away from your home, Vivint is designed to help you control any vulnerabilities you may have. With energy monitoring and automation options, you may even control more than your family’s security with Vivint. But, no matter which amazing package you choose, Vivint can offer you the sense of security and control you’ve been seeking. Try Vivint today to see the impressive home security offerings crafted for hard-working people like you.