Top Reasons to add IP Home Video Surveillance

Technology continues to make home security better and more affordable. While in the past, home video surveillance has been costly and required professional installation, IP video cameras have made home video enabled security systems available to the common man. Anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can install securely encoded cameras that use Internet as their means of networking. This means minimal installation efforts and low equipment coats.

Here are a few reasons to consider IP home video surveillance for your security systems:

  • Utilizes existing IP infrastructure.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Flexible camera placement: PoE eliminates need for local power source; Wi-Fi eliminates need for hard-wired ethernet cable. Wi-Fi has even become synonymous with the more generic term “wireless.”
  • Remote viewing from anywhere/anytime via a standard Web browser.
  • Standards-based, allowing multi-vendor solutions and integration.
  • Better image quality than closed circuit TV (CCTV) analog systems.
  • Open storage and server systems scale easily and cheaply, with no need for specialized recording equipment or training.

Secure: Data can be encrypted across the network, so only the cameras and servers know what kind of packets to expect across the system. Without the proper authentication keys, outsiders can’t break into the network to steal video data or feed false video into the system. Also, any interruption to the data stream can automatically trigger alarms and alerts.

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± Washington Post, 2007 (link)