The Basics Of Getting A Home Security System

There are many factors that go into establishing an adequate security system for a home or business, chief among them is the crime rate in the area. There are two considerations when reviewing the crime rate, the actual rate available from the local police department and the perceived crime rate, from area residents and how secure they feel in their surroundings. Neighborhood conditions often give people a false sense of doom and in some cases a false sense of security.

Another important factor is the size of a security system an individual can afford. Some of the most reliable security systems can be purchased and installed by a home owner for a few hundred dollars. However, if your plan is to include an automatic dialer for professional monitoring purposes, you’re better off with a professional installation. Many companies market their systems on the basis of their alarm monitoring services and throw in the alarm components and installation for free.

Typically, security system companies offer only basic systems that protect the main entry points. Homeowners can and most of the time, should choose to add more sensors and internal alarms for an additional cost – even with the contract for monitoring. Be certain to verify the reputation of not only the installing company but the alarm monitoring service and the brand of components before signing any contracts.

If you want only a local, audible alarm, there are many components to choose from, including cameras and closed circuit television systems that can be connected to your work or home computer. With the right software hardware, you can monitor your home remotely.

Nearly every security system allows for the addition of heat and smoke detectors that can serve as quick notification in event of a fire and there are also sensors that can sound the alarm in the event of a water leak to help prevent untold damage from water running into the basement or the bathroom until you return home from work, or worse from vacation.

Cameras used with a security system can be as small as a button on your shirt and can be hidden just about anywhere. They are also built into innocuous household items such as a picture frame, a clock and even into a seemingly empty soda can for covert use.

The key to getting started is to contact several large, reputable home security system companies and get competing quotes. Up to five is advisable. Check with your state’s department of consumer affairs, your local police department and the Better Business Bureau for references on prospective security system providers. Discuss all the options with sales representatives and be clear about both your budget and security needs. don’t let someone’s drive for a sale interfere with you getting the right security system for your needs.

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Home Security Statistics

Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the US. ±
Average loss per burglary: $1,725. ±
Homes without security systems are about three times as likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. ±
Favorite items: cash, jewelry, electronic equipment, silver, guns and other items easy to sell. ±
± Washington Post, 2007 (link)