Auto Security System Monitoring

You’ve probably experienced it yourself. A car alarm goes off and you keep walking. Because auto alarms are sensitive to motion and loud noises, they sound a little too easily. The problem is when everyone cries wolf, no one comes running. That makes the average noise-making auto security system far less of a deterrent than anyone would like it to be. Monitoring services aim to remedy that problem.

GPS Locators

There are many different GPS locating devices available to help track your car after it has been stolen. The name LoJack has practically become synonymous with car security system tracking.

LoJack has a 24 hour return guarantees on any vehicle equipped with their tracking system. Because their transmitters are extremely hard for a thief to find, LoJack maintains it gets the results competitors can’t. LoJack costs around $700, which is a no-brainer investment for someone with a BMW, but may give some car owners pause for thought.

Of course, you can do it yourself with more generic products.

A standard GPS locating device for a vehicle consists of a small transmitter that can be placed or attached to either the interior or exterior of a vehicle. If you are installing a GPS transmitter outside your vehicle, make sure it’s resistant to extreme heat, cold and moisture. When placing a transmitting device inside your vehicle, try to choose a concealed area where it would be difficult for a thief to locate and remove it.

Many GPS locating devices, come with tracking service that cost less than name brand LoJack. They also offer a “travel history” which allows you to see where your car has traveled over an extended period of time. This feature can be useful for theft prevention, as well as monitoring teen drivers.

OnStar Monitoring

In an accident or other emergency, you may be too scared or disoriented to act quickly. General Motors offers OnStar. The system can be programmed to take care of alerting the authorities to your location and situation. OnStar can also take care of other non-emergency situations, such as making hotel reservations, turn-by-turn navigation, or activating hands-free calling.

OnStar is available only as a factory-install, which means it can’t be included in every vehicle. However, in 2007, General Motors made OnStar services a standard feature in all of their new models. OnStar is a subscription monitoring service, which means that it does have a monthly charge. However, with many new vehicles, the first year of OnStar is included in the purchase price of the vehicle.

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± Washington Post, 2007 (link)